Skyjack SJ 3226 Electric Scissor Lift

Skyjack SJ 3226 Electric Scissor Lift

The Skyjack SJIII 3220/3226 is one of our most popular mid-sized electric scissor lifts. Suitable only for indoor jobs, it is a battery powered model with non marking tyres. Suitable for a wide range of indoor projects, it features variable speed with rear two-wheel hydraulic drive and proportional controls for drive and lift functions. Drivable at full height with the roll out deck fully extended, it’s the perfect solution for many different jobs which require reaching difficult areas.

Designed with increased productivity in mind, this exceptional machine is extremely versatile. With next day drop off often available for no additional cost, our efficient service means you’ll be provided with the necessary equipment even when you’re pushed for time.


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Skyjack SJ 3226 Electric Scissor Lift


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