Skyjack 3220/3226 Electric Scissor Lift



The Skyjack SJIII 3220/3226 is one of our most popular mid-sized electric scissor lifts. The SJIII is a battery powered model with non marking tyres and only suitable to hire for indoor jobs. The equipment has a maximum working height of 9.92m and has onboard power to platform to increase productivity.

Skyjack SJIII 3220/3226 Specification

Work Height: 9.92 m

Raised Platform Height: 7.92 m

Lowered Platform Height: 1.14 m

Overall Width: 0.84 m

Overall Length: 2.32 m

Stowed Height (Rails Up): 2.15 m

Stowed Height (Rails Down): 1.91 m

Platform Width (Inside Dimension): 0.71 m

Platform Length (Inside Dimension): 2.13 m

Extension Deck (Roll Out): 0.91 m

Ground Clearance (Stowed): 8.89 cm

Ground Clearance (raised): 1.90 cm

Wheelbase: 1.75 m

Weight: 1,890 kg

Gradeability: 30%

Turning Radius (Inside): 1.27 m

Turning Radius (Outside): 2.74 m

Lift Time (With Rated Load): 56 sec

Lower Time (With Rated Load): 42 sec

Drive Speed (Stowed): 3.2 km/h

Drive Speed (Raised): 1.1 km/h

Maximum Drive Height: Full Height

Capacity (Overall): 227 kg

Distributed Capacity (Main Platform): 114 kg

Distributed Capacity (Extension Deck): 113 kg

Local Floor Load (With Rated Load): 897 kPa

Overall Floor Load (With Rated Load): 12 kPa

Maximum # of Persons: 2/0

Tyre Type: Solid, N/M 

Tyre Size: 16 x 5 x 12